Friday, March 4, 2011

Best fwiend.

Do u have a real best friend who you can always count on, and you are constantly laughing with!? I am so lucky to have Kylee in my life. 1 more week and i will be in the Bahamas with her, and i have a feeling it will be one of the best weeks of my life. :) Ahhh. This week better go by fast <3

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Valentines day! :)

I saw this cutee baby! and hung out with this cutee kid! successful day for sure! <3

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Justin crazed.

I am obsessed and so are my friends. We went to watch him and we all fell in love
again! <3
I love all these girls! And Justin Bieber!!!


In order to have the best time i can have in the Bahamas i need...
1. To be pre-tanned
2. To have insanely white teeth
3. Toned tummy
4. (aka) perfect beach body
5. Clear skin

To make this possible i will...
1. Tan from track and on the weekends
2. Use whitening strips daily :)
3. Keep doing track!
4. Eat healthier (no ice cream)
5. Wash it erreday :)

28 days. and i cannot wait. im so excited <3

Thursday, February 3, 2011

This boy!

Its our 3 month today, and i {adore} this kid! We are always laughing and he makes me smile everyday. :)

Perfect moments

Life is great. i cannot complain :) i have the best family. and ah-mazing friends! Kylee got a new camera and we adore that thing. We took so many pictures over the weekend but these are my favorite!

Bringing home baby.

Is it wierd that this is my favorite show!? I am seriously obsessed with babies and will be such a pro mom {When that day comes} Oh. and here is a cute picture of my favorite baby!